Tess Grey and Nicolas 'Po' Villere are back!

When an ex-cop goes on the run from his employers, his daughter seeks help from an old friend . . . Tess Grey. Ex-cop Aaron Lacey is on the run from Elite Custodian Services, a protection service of ex-military and police - and his current employers - and they will stop at nothing to track him down. His disappearance results in his daughter reaching out to her old schoolfriend, Tess Grey. But when Tess's mother urges her to turn down helping her friend, Tess begins to question why. Is her mother simply being overprotective, or is there more to her past with Lacey than Tess realises? Why has Lacey gone underground and why are the Elite so determined to catch him? As Tess and her partner Nicolas Villere get involved, they need to figure out who can be trusted and what secrets they are hiding.

Published 31st January 2019


Crime and supernatural fiction collide in the first in a new series of thrillers from the best-selling author of "Dead Men’s Dust."

The ghosts of her past and present haunt Detective Inspector Kerry Darke.

As a child she witnessed the abduction of her ten-year-old sister Sally, the final victim of the murderous Fell Man, a terrifying serial killer whose hunting grounds were the bleak and windswept fells of northern England. Sally has never been found, and the Fell Man never identified.

Decades later, Kerry is a detective inspector tasked with combatting the rise in violence throughout London. When another ten-year-old girl is murdered in a gang related drive-by shooting a ghost of Kerry’s past returns to trouble her, but the mysterious wraith known only as Girl is not the most frightening thing to be resurrected…

Tortured by the vengeful spirit of Swain, a notorious gang leader, Kerry struggles to maintain a grasp on the case and her sanity, but she is more determined than ever to lay all her ghosts to rest. To do so she must agree to a pact with her personal devil. In return Swain promises to lead her to the Fell Man…but what he demands is unthinkable.

That is until the Fell Man returns and more girls are snatched...

The Girl on Shattered Rock

Reeling after a break up with her abusive boyfriend, and with a deadline looming, author Leah Dean flees to what should be an idyllic retreat on the remote island of Shattered Rock. She has been promised peace and seclusion, but finds neither. Leah is not alone on the island. A group of kayakers have put to shore, but they are the least of her troubles. Somebody is stalking Leah and will stop at nothing to keep a decades old crime secret, even if it means killing every last person on the island. If any of them are going to survive, she can't go on running: Leah must face her greatest fear.

“Matt Hilton delivers a thrill a minute. Awesome!” 

Best-selling author Chris Ryan on 'Cut and Run'


“Hard-hitting and fast-paced, I was hooked from start to finish.” 

Best-selling author Simon Kernick on 'Dead Men's Dust' 



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The new Tess Grey and Nicolas 'Po' Villere thriller is out in hardback on 31st January 2019.

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