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Joffee Books has collected together the first eight Tess Grey and Po Villere thrillers in one handy boxset, available through Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. 


You can still get books 9 and 10 from Severn House
Fatal Conflict #9 and Cold Fire #10

Fatal Conflict Cover 1.jpg

Non-stop action is abound in this thriller set in Maine that will appeal to fans of CLIVE CUSSLER and CHRIS RYAN.

Where's Tony Vaughan? That's the question the Brogans are asking. And they don't ask nicely, as Private Investigator Tess Grey finds out. Angered by the Brogans' treatment of his fiancé, Nicolas 'Po' Villere is ready to enact retribution. As is Tess, who is itching for a new case and is troubled by Tony's apparent fate.

Tess and Po track Tony down and discover he's aided Leah Brogan - the heavily pregnant and oppressed daughter of one of the Brogans - in escaping the family. To make matters worse, the pair also stole money from someone they shouldn't have . . . someone who won't take such an insult lying down.

Leah dreams of freedom for her unborn child, but those chasing them will go to extreme lengths to deny her it. Tess is determined to fight for Leah and the child, but at what cost for her and Po's future?

Cold Fire.jpg

A mother and her children murdered.
A nanny on the run.
A killer in pursuit.

Hunted and reviled, ex-nanny Joanne Mason turns to her sister, Detective Karen Ratcliffe. Torn between duty and family, Ratcliffe asks Tess Grey and her partner Nicolas 'Po' Villere to bring Joanne in safely.

A winter cyclone forces Joanne into hiding on the Canadian border - but she can't stay put for long. In close pursuit, Tess and Po head north into the heart of a storm, but they're not the only ones: the real murderer is also hot on Joanne's trail, trying to kill the only living witness to their crime.

As the chase progresses it grows apparent that Joanne couldn't have been responsible for the murders . . . but the heat isn't off her. Some people think she might be a co-conspirator, not the terrified witness she is . . . and when the shocking truth behind the gruesome murders comes to light, Tess and Po have their work cut out to keep Joanne - and themselves - alive!

revised Girl in the Smoke The.jpg



The Girl in the Smoke


Danni has seen more in her 8 years on this planet than most people see in a lifetime. The sole survivor of a motorway pile-up which took her mother's life, she is now safe and thriving with her adoptive family. Until the day the bad people come knocking. Forcing Danni to face the memories she has done such a good job forgetting . . .

Josie's quiet life is dismantled with a knock at the door. When she and her daughter are violently kidnapped, Josie must act fast to survive. Danni has very little memory of the day her mother died, but these people are hell bent on finding the money her mother stole before her death, and they think Danni knows more than she's letting on.

Grace arrives at her big sister's house to find her partner Pete beaten and tied up and her sister and niece taken. Josie has been her protector her entire life - but now she needs to be the strong one. Enlisting the help of a friend with the combat experience and skills she needs, Grace will stop at nothing to get her family back home . . .

Available in eBook and Hardback from 6th February 2024

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